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Celebrated Piano Duets Bk.5 2024 D2

Robert Vandall's piano duets have been favorites of students and teachers for many years. Many have been chosen for contest and festival lists. Whether for studio recitals, contests, festivals, or...

Russian Gems 1P4H 2024 D2

This beautiful volume is comprised of six works by great Russian composers. Arensky's Cuckoo is an excellent piece for contrast between staccato and legato playing. His Fugue on a Russian...

Duet Repertoire L.9 2024 D2

ed. by Weekley & Arganbright: This early-advanced album features a wide variety of sparkling, audience pleasing repertoire: Slavonic Dances by Dvorák, Sonata in D, K. 381, and Sonata in B, K....

Three Scenes from New Orleans 1P4H 2024 D2

arr. by Winifred Hyson: Favorite songs of the Civil War receive new vitality in these harmonically rich arrangements by composer Winifred Hyson. Lyrics and background information on this important period of...

Twelve Classic Duets 2024 D2

Bastien's Collage of Solos captivates the interest and imagination of students with the three distinctive styles of Jane, Lisa, and Lori Bastien.  These solos add excitement to a students repertoire. --Bastien's...

American Portraits 1P4H 2024 D2 VD1

arr. by William Penn: If you're looking for humor, technical challenges, or just good four-hand music, this collection wins on all counts!

Masterwork Classics Duets L.8 2024 D2

These graded collections of piano duets by master composers are among the best literature available at respective levels. Each duet, written by composers who lived in the 18th, 19th, and...

Ballet Orphee et Eurydice 1P4H 2024 D2

Greg Anderson and Elizabeth Joy Roe are perhaps the most thrilling young duo performing today, offering adrenalized classical concerts that are revolutionizing the piano duo experience for the 21st century....