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Lynes Scenes from Alice in Wonderland PS 2024 MD1

Five delightful piano solos full of charm and wit by an American composer with a passion for piano teaching. Titles include Through the Looking Glass, On the Train, Tweedledum and...
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Myklas Contest Winners Bk 3 PS 2024 MD1

Myklas Music Press was highly regarded for its extensive catalogue of quality elementary and intermediate supplemental piano music. The pieces that are included in Myklas Contest Winners represent Myklas's most...
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Personal Touches PS 2024 MD1

In his first years of teaching, Kabalevsky wrote these easy piano works for his young pupils. Arranged in progressive order of difficulty, many of these pieces can be played in...
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Romantic Moods PS 2024 MD1

by Mack Wilberg: Well-crafted duets in 12 different keys, 12 different moods help develop pianistic skills! The primo (elementary) explores the 5-finger patterns of each of the major keys. Secondo is...
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Celebrated Piano Solos Bk.5 2024 MD1

This series offers some of the best piano sheet solos by noted composer Robert D. Vandall. Originally available from Myklas Music Press, this book has been re-engraved and features an...
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Yosemite Splendor PS 2024 MD1

The three movements of Yosemite Splendor capture the beauty of three wonders found in Yosemite National Park, located in California's Sierra Nevada mountains. The first movement, "In the Mist of...
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Signature Solos Bk.4 2024 MD1

Each collection in the Signature Solos series includes all-new piano solos by favorite Alfred Music composers in a variety of musical styles. Every solo was written for its appealing sound...
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Prairie Sunrise PS 2024 MD1

Sunrise over the Kansas prairie is depicted in this programmatic solo. In 4/4 meter, it begins with just the first hint of morning rays in the introduction, and then builds...
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Rhapsody PS 2024 MD1 MD2 MD3

Features seven impressive piano solos for the intermediate pianist! All the solos feature different moods combined with exciting technical challenges that are easy to put together (with practice!) and are...
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Ballroom Dance PS 2024 MD1

Rich and romantic, Carolyn Miller's Ballroom Dance is a pleasure to play. Fits perfectly under the hands, and the lyrical melody is well-suited for the sensitive, emotional performer. Key: C...