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Grieg's Best Duets 2024 VD1

Waltz Caprice, Op. 37, No. 2 Waltz Caprice No. 2 begins with a wonderfully lilting and syncopated theme. Kathleen Dale writes, The trio [middle] section is composed of...slender material: an...

American Portraits 1P4H 2024 D2 VD1

arr. by William Penn: If you're looking for humor, technical challenges, or just good four-hand music, this collection wins on all counts!

Rachmaninoff Italian Polka 1P4H 2024 VD1

In the hands of Rachmaninoff, the piano convincingly takes on the power and might of a symphony orchestra. The energetic and bright "Italian Polka," scored for one piano, four hands...

Moszkowski Spanish Dances Op.12 1P4H 2024 VD1

The Spanish Dances, Op. 12, are probably Moszkowski's most famous piano works. These five duets are beautifully conceived for the piano and have a winning appeal. They often sound more...