S110AE Blackstar Series One 10th Anniversary Edition

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Blackstar S110AE Series One 10th Anniversary - 10-watt 1x12" Tube Combo Amplifier Brimming with KT88-injected fury, the Blackstar Series One 10 AE takes the sonic character of their acclaimed Series One 200 head and packs it into a 10-watt combo. This amp runs the full gamut of tones. Its cleans take advantage of the KT88's ample headroom, delivering gorgeous sparkle even at high volumes, while its overdriven sound is tight, defined, and drenched in rich harmonics. Dial in the perfect blend of British and American character with the Blackstar's patented ISF control, then add some ambience with the Series One 10 AE's built-in reverb. Limited to only 1,000 pieces, the Series One 10 AE also features an effects loop, speaker-emulated output, and a footswitch. Instead of the usual EL34 or 6L6 power tube, the Series One 10 AE employs a KT88. KT88s fall somewhere between the glassier tone of an EL34 and the harder-edged 6550. Guitarists at Sweetwater know that KT88s are renowned for their tight, defined lows, and the Series One 10 AE is no exception. You also get a ton of headroom, so your cleans retain their sparkle at higher volumes. That being said, KT88s can still get plenty rude when you push them. The Series One 10 AE also boasts an ECC83 preamp tube, along with a built-in overdrive that yields beautiful saturated tones. The Blackstar Series One 10 AE is packed with a massive spread of tube tone, by virtue of Blackstar's Infinite Shape Feature (ISF). When you turn the control fully counterclockwise, you'll lend an American characteristic to your tone with a tight bottom end and an aggressive middle. Turned all the way to the clockwise, you'll enjoy more of a British vibe, with a woodier sound that's less aggressive. With the Series One 10 AE, you'll find an endless array of useful tones at your disposal. The Blackstar Series One 10 AE is packed with a solid-sounding digital reverb. Turn it fully counterclockwise, and the reverb is deactivated, leaving room for external effects. Turn it fully clockwise, and experience a lush ambience that adds dimension to your playing without washing it out. Integrating the Series One 10 AE with your pedalboard and other effects is a piece of cake, thanks to its effects loop. The Series One 10 AE's Loop Level switch makes matching your amp to your other gear easy — +4dBV? -10dB? No problem! Features: 10W all-tube 1x12" single-ended guitar combo amplifier KT88 power tube yields ample headroom and tight, defined lows Built-in overdrive takes you from sparkly cleans to saturated leads 12" Celestion speaker delivers classic punch, warmth, and midrange Infinite Shape Feature (ISF) dials in everything from American to British tones Speaker-emulated output for recording or running straight to a PA Digital reverb adds ambience and dimension to your playing Effects loop with Loop Level switch makes it easy to integrate your pedalboard and other effects 1-button footswitch is included Limited to 1,000 pieces produced

Model: S110AE
Manufacturer: Blackstar

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