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When it comes to working your drum chops, nothing beats rocking out on a real kit. When full-volume practice isn't an option, the Evans SoundOff Drum Mute Pak comes to the rescue. This 4-piece drum mute set makes muffling your drum kit easy. Made from durable, high-density synthetic materials, these mutes fit right over your drumheads, turning your snare and toms into practice pads. Drummers here at Sweetwater often recommend SoundOff mutes to anyone looking for a great way to muffle drums, without killing their natural stick response. Amp up your practice while turning down your sound with Evans SoundOff Drum Mute Pack.

Evans SoundOff Standard Sizes Drum Mute Pak Features:
  • A complete 4-piece set of slip-on drum mutes for standard-size drums
  • Dramatically cut down the volume of your kit without muting stick response
  • Durable synthetic material holds up to regular practice sessions
  • Kit includes 1 x 12", 1 x 13", 1 x 14", and 1 x 16" slip-on drum mutes
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