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Power Supplies

Monster 8001 Pro MI 8-outlet Power Strip - 15-foot Cord

With the Monster 8001 Pro MI Power Strip at your disposal, you can rest assured your gear and devices are protected against dangerous power surges. As power surges account for...
General AccessoryPower Supplies

Blackstar PSU1 FLY Power Supply 6.5V DC 1.5A

If you're not taking your Blackstar Fly 3 battery-powered mini guitar combo amplifier out and about, then save on batteries by using a Fly amp power supply.  Tech Specs Type: Blackstar...
General AccessoryPower Supplies

Hosa Universal Adaptor VDC 1200 mA

This adapter is designed to supply power where and when you need it. With selectable DC output up to 12 V and plugs to fit most small electronic devices, it...