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Tailor your sound with the brushed-stainless Fishman Fluence Modern Alnico Humbucker Pickup for 6-string electric guitars. This pickup combines the musicality, power, and explosiveness of alnico, with upfront dynamics and the ability to toggle between two distinct voices. Voice 1 offers full, round, and boosted tone with active high output and enhanced articulation. Voice 2 delivers crisp, clean, and fluid neck humbucker tone, without the thin plinky character. The humbucker can be used either at the neck or at the bridge of the guitar and is commonly paired with the ceramic bridge pickup (available separately).

The Fluence pickup gives more sense of immediacy in response than traditional passive pickups, making individual notes within chords come through more clearly. The Fluence sound is very low noise and can be controlled for volume without sacrificing high end or clarity. Feel and response as well as output can be customized by raising and lowering the pickup in relation to the strings. Coil tapping allows for further variations in tone. Fluence runs on a standard 9V battery or on a Li-ion rechargeable battery pack (both available separately).

Drop-in replacement for a standard-size humbucker pickup
Lets you toggle between two voices
Can be hardwired to one of the two voices
Up to 200 hours of battery life
Rechargeable on your guitar when used with optional lithium-ion battery pack
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