PureSound Percussion's Blaster Series snare wires feature medium-gauge wires with evenly spaced, standard coils. Models with more strands give your snare an active, influential voice. While, Blaster Series models with fewer strands deliver a voice that's more prominent in the overall drum sound. This professional-quality, 20-strand Blaster Series snare wire strikes a nice balance between the two. But, whatever you choose, you can feel confident you're getting a great product, with PureSound Percussion's Blaster Series.

PureSound Percussion Blaster Series Snare Wire Features:

  • 14" with 20 Strands
  • Medium-gauge wire with evenly spaced, standard coils
  • Premium steel-alloy wire for high volume
  • Bent end clips offer increased snare response
  • Manufactured in the US

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