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The Strymon MultiSwitch 3-button foot controller is a powerful addition to any guitarist's Strymon-based pedalboard. The pedal interfaces with the TimeLine, BigSky, and Mobius pedals to offer new features unavailable without it. On the TimeLine, the MultiSwitch gives you access to multiple looping modes for further sonic experimentation. Additionally, preset and bank selection on all three pedal models becomes very fast and easy. And the MultiSwitch is built with the same dedication to construction and sound quality as the rest of Strymon's product line.Strymon MultiSwitch Extended Control Footswitch Features:

3-button footswitch for controlling Strymon effects pedals
Works with TimeLine, BigSky, and Mobius
Offers either 3- or 6-button looper control
Adds reverse, half time, and undo/redo looper functions
Enables scrolling through preset banks
Effortlessly recalls presets
Tap-tempo enabled
Note: Some Strymon pedals may need a firmware update for compatibility with MultiSwitch.

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