With D'Addario's XL Half-Rounds Electric Guitar Strings from Sweetwater, you'll experience the same sonic experience as full rounds with smoother feel. Essentially, these strings combine the playability of a light-gauge string set with the smoothness and reduced finger noise of half-round string construction. D'Addario's centerless grinding process finishes this string set with a quieter, more comfortable grip, producing a comparable tone to their round wound strings. Thanks to the XL Half-Rounds Electric Guitar Strings, you'll finally be able to achieve a much a fluid playing feeling without having to sacrifice the sound quality and responsiveness of your strings!

D'Addario XL Half-Rounds Electric Guitar Strings Features:

  • Half-round design offers a smoother playing feel and reduced string noise
  • Centerless grinding process preserves sound quality, tone, and responsiveness, comparable to full round strings
  • Gauges: .010, .013, .017, .026, .036, .046
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