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* Forty-eight continuous piano hymn preludes, with transitions leading from one arrangement to another, providing continuous prelude for church services.--Hymns included in this volume:--Sweet is the Work--As the Dew from Heaven Distilling--Gently Raise the Sacred Strain--Joseph Smith's First Prayer--A Poor Wayfaring Man of Grief--Praise to the Man--The Spirit of God--The Morning Breaks--High on the Mountain Top--How Wondrous and Great--All Creatures of Our God and King--How Great Thou Art--For the Beauty of the Earth--I Think the World is Glorious--My Heavenly Father Loves Me--I Know My Father Lives--I Am a Child of God--O My Father--I Know That My Redeemer Lives--I Believe in Christ--Redeemer of Israel--I Stand All Amazed--I Feel My Savior's Love--The Lord is My Shepherd--Though Deepening Trials--Be Still, My Soul--Where Can I Turn for Peace?--Be Thou Humble--More Holiness Give Me--I Need Thee Every Hour--Sweet Hour of Prayer--Did You Think to Pray?--As I Search the Holy Scriptures--Search, Ponder, and Pray--Keep the Commandments--Come, Follow Me--I'll Go Where You Want Me to Go--The Light Divine--Teach Me to Walk in the Light--Where Love Is--Because I Have Been Given Much--Love One Another--Love at Home--Families Can Be Together Forever--Abide with Me; 'tis Eventide--Abide with Me--Now the Day is Over--God Be with You Till We Meet Again

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