Timpani players who are searching for a felt mallet that handles the demands of the most articulate playing passages will find their match in Vic Firth's T3 Staccato American Custom Timpani Mallets. These mallets feature medium-hard felt tips to give you a perfect balance of projection and clarity for traditional concert applications. Spanning large ensembles to pit percussion, the Vic Firth T3s have the power to ensure you're heard to the top of the stands. Vic Firth T3 timpani mallets feature durable hickory handles to give you maximum force for single strokes, rolls, and flams. Like all Vic Firth timpani mallets, the T3 Staccatos reflect Vic Firth's 50-plus years of percussion experience performing as a solo timpanist for the Boston Symphony Orchestra. If you're looking for a felt mallet that'll give you the edge.
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